Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jane Savoie Clinic

Rainy and cold today , day off, so I'll write up my clinic report.

Suppling: Do 3 (+7) w/ key turn hand, hold outside rein and straighten with outside rein. Go 7 strides and repeat. Can do to outside too.

3 test of suppleness during exercise:
1. weight of rein stays the same
2. finish with 3 supplings and neck is down
3. haunches don't swing during suppling

Head to Wall LY
use outside rein like side rein, open inside rein for x-ing and put back quickly

Need connecting 1/2 halts to prevent disconnection

connection 1/2 halt- 3 secs close legs, outside rein, vibrating inner hand

ride 20M circle and accelerate on 10 M circle within

Flexion at the poll, turning key in lock

Exercises to bend hind legs:
Ride walk and trot in first position (baby SI)
Must be straight before collection, gets inside leg to engage and bend. Be ready with inside leg

1. withers up, croup down with bending of joints
2. shorter frame
3. More weight on hindend

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